Management Ideas


Release the creativity & power of your workers.

  • Empower your employee to make decisions, to refine & develop better methods and to work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Reward good performance (money is not the only reward)
  • Establish and encourage employee participation in training programs.
  • When ever possible promote from within


Please customers & find new markets.

  • Exceed customer expectations
    • Be customer focused. Listen to them, please them & then delight them
    • Set up a system to track inquiries & measure results
    • Pay attention to details
    • Consistently make improvements
  • Envision new products, service & markets. Promote a free thinking innovative culture, a climate where ideas are welcomed from anywhere and employees are encouraged to express ideas without fear of ridicule


Continuously improve operations.

  • Pursue quality on all fronts.
  • Stress speed & agility
  • Change in order to reduce complacency


A Very Basic Concept:

On my soap box!

For the United States of America to retain it’s position as a world leader, it is important for us to develop a rounded work force that is academically, technically, vocationally, and physically fit and skilled to handle any task put before them. We can not sit back and assume that because of our prior educational and technical and manufacturing success that we will be able to retain our leadership position. Each of us, both as an individual, as a business, and as a governmental institution, must accept the challenge to educate and train our people in such a way as to best develop their individual talents and abilities.


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