Manufacturing Concepts


Eliminate Waste:

  • Reduce Inventory
  • Reduce set up time
  • Reduce Machine down time
  • Aim for zero defects
  • Consider manufacturing cells
  • Reduce transportation time
  • Reduce motion
  • Reduce waiting time.


Manage Inventory:

  • 70% of the value is in 15% of the items
  • Use an ABC classification based on usage-value to isolate inventory into manageable groups.
  • Use Economic Order formula to balance the cost of possession against set-up or procurement costs to arrive at an optimal order quantity


Manage wages & salary

  • Match wages & salaries using reliable survey figures
  • Key them to reliable index for your region
  • Check the formulas on an annual basis
  • Perform a performance review on each employee at least once a year


Using Independent Sales Representatives

Don’t forget to treat them as part of your team. They need

  • Advertising support
  • Product and plant training.
  • Sales management support.
  • Current business news & information


Franz Schneider’s Manufacturing Network

This is a network of American companies with a wide variety of manufacturing skills and equipment who are ready and willing to cooperate with one another to develop and manufacture quality products in the United States of America.

When it comes to manufacturing and product design problems, I have a wealth of experience & information at my disposal.  Let me help you! .....Franz


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